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The UK SHE Organisation is a health and safety management organisation registered and dedicated to preparing the upcoming and practicing professionals for the challenges of a rewarding career.

Our members go on to pursue professions in high demand fields in oil and gas, information technology, hospitality, medicine, maritime, project management, engineering, business administration, health sciences and environmental management.

Our courses are designed to meet up the essential parts that make up the workers well-being, safe workplace and a managed environment. Our qualifications will help you demonstrate to your employer, clients and suppliers that you are a skilled and committed health and safety worker. Our courses are an incorporated mix of tools, techniques, processes and skills that offer a progressive structure that demonstrate we are committed to offering the best.

We offer a selection of services to help you and your businxunderstand_list.png.pagespeed.ic.px36srdN1Tess succeed. Our services are training, certification and membership. Our training courses are designed to meet the essential parts that make up the workers wellbeing, safety workplace and a managed environment. Our membership is open to everyone who wants to develop a career in health and safety.

The vector_258_17-01-512aim of the organisation amongst other things is the need to develop and provide qualitative and specialized professional courses in health and safety, risk assessment, environmental management, ISO qualifications and quality management systems.

Wjoin-our-team-icone are a network of highly skilled professionals with the passion to see that the culture of professionalism and competence in health, safety and quality management is given utmost precedence across all modern career leanings.

We offer a selection of services to sBigDataSoftwareSolutions_iconupport your organisation. We provide flexible approach in our service delivery and ensure our clients’ needs are met ontime and duly satisfied. For further details on the services we currently offer please write to us on


  1. International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, UK

  2. World Safety Organisation

Our Experience

We are made up of highly experienced individuals who possess the drive to ensuring that our workplace are continuously improved thereby ensuring everyone and everything in everywhere remains safe.

The UK SHE Organisation is registered  with the UK Register of Learning providers. UK Provider Reference number is 10047981).

Training Experience - 7 years
Client Support - 5 years
Global Recognition - 3 years
Consulting - 1 year
I hereby recommend British International Safety Organization to the world. Professionalism at work is all i have to say about them..
Mike Halliday